Retro Goal

Retro Goal

Retro Goal is a football game combined with team management in 90s-style. Choose a team from the top leagues and add the best players to become a champion. Retro Goal is surprisingly deep for a game with such straightforward controls and classic 16-bit visuals. The game featured approximately 500 teams and 24 of the best teams in the world, including the top two English divisions. Retro Goal's focal point is the career mode, which includes a transfer market, stadium upgrades, a youth academy, and training facilities. Stats in Retro Goal's "Records" section are even more comprehensive than those in FIFA 23 are available.

Much like in real life, winning matches gives you coins, which you may use to upgrade the facilities and other things. These coins can even be used to hire staff, which helps to develop your players and let them play at higher levels. You have few resources when you first start off, but you can swiftly train up new players or ship them away if you want to.

Game Features

  • Manual Ground Passes: Target a long, low shot at any time with this new, exclusive technique.
  • Automated Ground Passes: A unique and exclusive technique that instantly passes the ball to your teammates with a simple tap or button click.
  • More Intricate Tackling: Choose your defender and position him for a slide tackle when tackling.
  • New Turbo Setting: With this new setting, you can now change the game's pace independently from the Difficulty Cange at any time between the handheld mode with Joy-Con controls and the touch screen.
  • Playable With Almost Any Switch Controller: Use a solo Joy-Con, a pair of Joy-Con controllers, or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Even better, you may use a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller or one of the Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers for the Nintendo Switch to play.
  • Customized Control Options: Change your aiming style or select one of three direct player control options.

Retro Goal Basics

With a quick and entertaining blend of arcade soccer action and straightforward team management, Retro Goal offers players the ability to personalize their gaming experience. Players can choose from a variety of game modes in Retro Goal. Hence, many players may find it challenging to get started since they are unfamiliar with how management games operated in the past.

If you enjoy football and have previously played management games, Retro Goal's fundamentals are rather simple to grasp. Don't worry; you'll quickly get the hang of it. There aren't many resources in the game, which is fantastic because it means there won't be as much confusion at first.


Swipe and move are the main gameplay in Retro Goal. The swipes you make are what keep all of your actions going. It's pretty easy; just flick your left to dribble while holding, then move again on your left to pass the ball or shoot. The same swipe-to-shoot method is used for headers, but first you must loft the ball and identify your target.

Players will quickly master the controls because they are so basic. You just need to time your pass correctly and only dribble in open spaces. To increase the strength of your shot and improve your chances of beating the keeper, try to swipe the ball a little bit longer.

Choose Your Club

Choose your favorite football team and it will be your starting lineup, but there's a twist: You won't be in charge of them right away. Retro Goal will put you through your paces. You will take leadership of clubs in the lower division and be forced to advance by climbing the ranks. In contrast, you can do whatever you want with this club.

After choosing your least favorite club from the selection, you'll go through a tutorial, which will cover some fundamentals and explain the basics, but it may not be enough for you. When you first start Retro Goal, you'll be given a number of options, which we'll go through later.

The Club Management

The two crucial submenus in Retro Goal are the Office and the Team. Your actions of change, such as adding or removing players or coaches, ect will have an impact on the football field. In order for players to understand how they can run their particular teams, more information on the subject has been briefly provided.

The office

The office includes some retro-style management of your club, just as in standard career mode. Despite the fact that you are the player on the field, you are the boss and have the power to appoint managers and personnel to help your team. You can also ask the present coach to extend his contract if he is pleased with your performance.

You may examine the current status under the same menu item as club management and season progress. You may improve the stadium's properties and help the team advance by spending Bux, the game's currency. You may look up a trophy's overall history, club records, and the trophy cabinet.

Player Management

The interesting aspect of Retro Goal is managing the players. By recruiting players and fielding them on the field, you can select and assemble your greatest team. You cannot select the player of your choice because this will follow the traditional method of signing players in real-world football.

The transfer list is used to sign players. You can look up each player's price and statistics from the list of available players. They can be sorted according to where they are. There are also some top players who will be fantastic to play with and who could significantly improve the existing team. The Dataview area of your team's roster allows you to view each player's statistics.

Formation and Tactics

Players may adjust to any arrangement they desire because there are so many different formations to pick from. Also, it will depend on the players they have and whether or not they can all work together to make the arrangement work. If necessary, you can switch to a different player from the bench.

There are several solid possibilities when it comes to strategies. Along with managing the team's work rate, you can select from a number of methods, such as a counterattack or a balanced approach. As a result, you can choose one and go on based on your formation and players.

Tips And Tricks For Beginners

All players should keep in mind a few fundamental tips and tricks to keep in mind when playing Retro Goal:

  • When using bucks to upgrade your team, always choose to buy forwards. They are the focal point of the game because you will encounter more opportunities to score goals, so you should make an immediate investment in your forwards.
  • Maintain a flexible configuration so that your players can adjust. As a result, there will be less possibility of players playing out of position and failing to make an impact.
  • It will be crucial to consider your players' condition. Before playing Retro Goal, make sure they are in match-fit condition to avoid having them perform poorly on the field.
  • We advise you to sign younger, highly-talented players when you're looking to add players so that they can provide your team with additional years in their prime. Hence, before signing, do your research on the players and come to a wise decision.
  • You can enhance one of your player's attributes when they level up. Keeping track of it can help your team a lot.

Advantage Of Retro Goal

  • Detailed graphics in pixel art.
  • Download size is 71 MB.
  • Owning in-game accomplishments.
  • Touchscreen compatibility for the game and its menus.
  • Support for Controller/Joycon.
  • Easy, typical, hard, and extreme are the four levels of difficulty.
  • Five slots to save.
  • You can select your desired screen side.
  • Repayable and optional tutorial.
  • 1 to 5 stars for Turbo mode.
  • Options for the camera: far, close, and dynamic.
  • Scanlines have an on/off switch.
  • On/off weather conditions.
  • Club management, including player acquisition and trades, coach hiring and firing, formations, and strategies.
  • In order to earn coins and raise players ratings, they have to level up and gain experience.
  • Whole team evaluation.
  • Coins are used to renovate stadiums, team facilities, and other items like players and coaches.
  • Repeated reviews of plays and goals.
  • Replays can be skipped and fast-forwarded.
  • A guide arrow may appear during a shot to aid in aim, power, etc.
  • There are parameters for how well you are doing and a morale rating for the players on your club/team.
  • In the event that a player is offside, a small flag will appear above their head.
  • You get to decide who to commend or chastise at the end of the game, and that decision influences bonuses and rewards.
  • Newspaper articles will highlight achievements.
  • Teams may contact you to inquire about sales and loan players.
  • Optional radar to display player whereabouts at the top.
  • Full statistics and analysis of the team, the players, and other teams.
  • You may find out about a player's background, star rating, performance statistics, and level of physical fitness.
  • Set for a partial or complete season.
  • Set your favorite team.
  • Has leagues in every nation in the world and Europe.

Retro Games For Old-School Gamers

Retro Goal offers a fun and exciting retro-style football management experience as well as overall entertaining gameplay. After mastering the fundamentals, players may quickly adjust to the game because it keeps things quite easy for everyone. If you enjoy Retro Goal and want to experience more wonderful retro games, check out these favorite retro games of all time: Super Mario Bros (1985), Battle City (1985), Contra (1987), Street Fighter 2 (1992), Pacman (1980), Tetris (1989), Bomberman (1985), Prince Of Persia (1989).

How To Play

Press shift to enter the main screen.

Press shift to select game mode.

Press enter to enter the tutorial.


  • Press keys to move
  • Press A to shoot the ball
  • Press B to pass (pass)
  • Press C to shoot short (short kick)
  • Press A + B to kick the heel (heel up)


  • Press A to slide (sliding)
  • Press B to catch the ball (tackle)

Press the arrow keys to select a team, and press X to select

Press the arrow keys to select text and press X to deselect

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